Nepal Street Style: How Locals are Reinventing Fashion Trends

From the vibrant colors of traditional clothing to the eclectic mix of modern and vintage pieces, street style in Nepal is a melting pot of fashion trends that reflects the country’s rich cultural heritage. In recent years, locals have been reinventing these trends by infusing their own personal styles, making it a unique and exciting scene that’s worth exploring. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the world of Nepal street style and discover how its people are setting new standards for fashion innovation and creativity!


Nepal, located in South Asia, is a geologically and culturally diverse country with a population of 27.8 million people. Nepal has been hit hard by the recent earthquakes, but the Nepalese people have not let this stop them from having fun and fashion Trends are certainly no exception! Street Style in Kathmandu showcases a mix of traditional and modern Nepalese fashion.

Traditional Nepalese clothing often consists of long, flowing robes worn by men called ghagras and women’s dupatas. Women also commonly wear Bindis (small circular stickers) on their forehead or around their necks as adornments. While Bindis may be seen as quaint now-a-days, they were huge in the 1990s and early 2000s when street style photos featuring Khulaquickies (Keira Knightley look-alikes) wearing bindis were popular online. Patriotic clothing is also popular and includes caps emblazoned with the national flag and tunics with colorful prints.

More recent trends include maxi skirts, cool stripes and mismatched accessories that modernize traditional Nepalese clothing while keeping its rich cultural heritage intact. The popularity of street style photography in Kathmandu shows that fashion trends thrive even in the face of disaster.

How Nepal’s Fashion Scene is Evolving

Nepal’s fashion scene is evolving at a fast pace, thanks to the influx of international fashion bloggers and fashion forward Nepali youth. Previously conservative Nepalis are now embracing a more modern style, influenced by global trends.

Take Lola Ruiz, owner of the local blog ‘Nepal Style’. She launched her blog in 2013 as a platform to share her love for Nepali contemporary and indigenous fashion with the world. In just over two years, her blog has amassed over 60,000 followers from all around the globe. Ruiz credits her rapid success to her inclusive approach to fashion; she’s not only interested in showcasing the best Nepali designers but also highlights the unique regional styles that make up Nepal’s cultural landscape.

For example, Ruiz often posts photos of traditional Kathmandu clothing, like merry-go-round embroidered shawls and fanciful pagodas made from lacquer and carved wood. But she’s also noticed that young urbanites are starting to embrace more relaxed silhouettes inspired by street fashions in countries like India and Malaysia. This mix of old and new is helping Nepal gain traction as a fashion forward destination for both locals and tourists alike.

As Nepal continues to develop its fashion industry, it will be interesting to see which trends dominate in future seasons. For now, trendsetters like Ruiz are proudly representing all facets of Nepali culture – from traditional fabrics to modern streetwear looks – on their blogs and social media platforms.

What Trendsetters Are Buying What Clothes

Nepal’s street style has been reimagining fashion trends for years, and it’s no surprise that trendsetters are buying what clothes here. From puffy coats to ripped jeans, Nepal is giving the world a bit of its own unique take on fashion. And if you’re looking to copy the looks of Nepal’s most stylish locals, here are some must-have pieces of clothing:

Puffy coats

With temperatures in the low 20s Celsius (high 70s Fahrenheit), Nepali people love to keep warm with big, puffy coats. Whether worn as an outerwear or layered beneath other items, these coats are a must-have piece of any wardrobe.

Leather jackets

Another must-have during colder months is leather jacket. Available in all colors and made of premium materials, these jackets can make a strong statement both inside and outside the home.

Ripped jeans

Often considered as a winter staple in colder climates, ripped jeans have quickly become one of Nepal’s signature styles. Not only do they look great on everyone, but they also offer excellent protection from the cold.

And finally…

Shoes! In fact, shoes make up the bulk of Nepal’s style scene – from high heels to classic flats, there’s a shoe for every outfit occasion. With prices ranging from just $5 to $25 USD respectively, you won’t have trouble finding affordable footwear that fits your budget. So go ahead – add a bit of Nepali street style to your wardrobe!

Local Designers and Where to Find Them

Designers in Nepal have been innovating and creating new fashion trends to stand out. With a mix of cultures and lifestyles, fashion here is constantly evolving. Below are some local designers you can find if you’re looking to buy or simply explore Nepali fashion:

1. Namita Giri. This designer creates modern and abstract pieces with a focus on feminine silhouettes. Her clothes can be found in luxury boutiques worldwide.

2. Nischal Basnet. Known for his flowing garments, Basnet designs are inspired by Nepalese culture and traditional dress. His pieces can be found in high-end international brands such as Saks Fifth Avenue and Zara.

3. Laxmi Kauldevi. A contemporary designer based in Kathmandu, Kauldevi creates beautiful yet functional clothing for women of all ages and body types. She collaborations with international brands, including Net-a-Porter and American Eagle Outfitters, to lend her collections an edge of sophistication.


In Nepal, traditional clothing and accessories are often paired with modern street style staples such as Statement Eye-Lashes and Statement Nails. This juxtaposition of traditional Nepali attire with fashion trends from around the world has created an alluring new look for locals that is making international news. Whether you want to inspire your wardrobe with these stunning looks or just soak up some culture while on vacation in Nepal, give these photographed streets a try!