The Rise of Earthy Tones: How Browns and Greens Are Taking Over Men’s Fashion

What Is the Rise of Earthy Tones?

In recent years, there has been a shift in men’s fashion towards earthy tones. Browns and greens are becoming increasingly popular, as they offer a more natural look than traditional black and navy. This trend is being driven by the popularity of outdoor activities such as hiking and camping, as well as the rise of sustainable fashion.

The popularity of earthy tones is being driven by the rise of outdoor activities such as hiking and camping. More people are spending time in nature, and they want their clothing to reflect that. Earthy tones are also seen as more sustainable than other colors, as they can be produced without the use of synthetic dyes.

So if you’re looking to freshen up your wardrobe for the new season, consider incorporating some earthy tones into your look. You might be surprised at how versatile these colors can be!

Colors that Have Become Popular in Menswear

In recent years, earthy tones like brown and green have become increasingly popular in menswear. This trend is likely due to the growing popularity of “athleisure” and streetwear styles, which tend to favor more muted colors.

Additionally, these colors can be very versatile and easy to incorporate into any man’s wardrobe. Brown and green are perfect for creating a relaxed, yet stylish look. Pairing a brown sweater with green pants is a great way to achieve this look. For a more casual outfit, try pairing a brown tee shirt with khaki shorts.

You can also add a pop of color to your outfit with a green jacket or vest. These colors are also perfect for layering. A brown cardigan over a green button-down shirt is a great way to stay warm in the cooler months. In the summer, pair a light green polo shirt with khaki shorts or pants. Whether you’re trying to create a sophisticated look or just want an easy way to update your wardrobe, consider incorporating some earthy tones into your clothing choices.

How to Incorporate Earthy Tones into Your Outfits

As the weather gets colder and the leaves start to change color, earthy tones become increasingly popular in men’s fashion. Browns, greens, and other neutral colors are perfect for creating a rugged, outdoor-inspired look. Here are some tips for incorporating earthy tones into your outfits:

1. Start with a basic foundation of neutral colors. A brown or green sweater will provide a good base for your outfit. You can then add in pops of color with your accessories, such as a scarf or beanie.

2. Choose pieces that have texture and interest. Earthy tones can be boring if you don’t mix things up with different textures and patterns. A chunky knit sweater will add visual interest to your outfit, as will a pair of corduroy pants.

3. Incorporate earth tones into your outerwear. A olive green parka is the perfect piece to transition your wardrobe from summer to fall. And a brown leather jacket will give any outfit an instant dose of coolness.

Examples of Stylish Menswear with Earthy Tones

The rise of earthy tones in men’s fashion is something that has been slowly building for a few years now. Browns and greens have been steadily gaining ground as key colors in menswear, and this season is no different. Here are some examples of stylish menswear with earthy tones that will keep you looking sharp all season long.

A brown suit is a great way to add some earthy tones to your look. This rich chocolate color is perfect for any formal occasion, and it pairs well with just about any shirt and tie combination. For a more casual look, try a brown sport coat with khaki trousers. This look is ideal for a day at the office or a night out on the town.

No matter how you incorporate earthy tones into your wardrobe, they are sure to give your style an upgrade this season. Embrace the trend by adding some Browns and greens to your closet today!

Mistakes to Avoid When Wearing Earthy Tones

When it comes to fashion, there are a lot of trends that come and go. But one trend that seems to be here to stay is earthy tones. Brown and green hues are popping up all over men’s fashion, and for good reason. These colors can be very flattering and look great on a variety of skin tones. However, just because earthy tones are in style doesn’t mean that they can’t be worn wrong. Here are some mistakes to avoid when wearing earthy tones:

1. Don’t pair earthy colors with black or white.

While black and white are classic colors that can be paired with just about anything, they don’t really go well with earthy tones. If you want to wear browns or greens, try pairing them with other earthy colors or even brighter shades.

2. Avoid looking too “matchy.”

Another mistake people make when wearing earthy tones is matching their clothes too perfectly. For example, if you’re wearing a green shirt, don’t also Wear khaki pants that are the exact same shade of green. Instead, mix it up a bit by pairing your green shirt with brown pants or a different shade of green pants.

3. Use accessories to add pops of color.

Earth tone colors can sometimes look a little bland on their own. To add some visual interest to your outfit, try accessorizing with brighter colors like red, yellow, or orange.


The rise of earthy tones in menswear has certainly proven to be a major influencer in recent years. Browns and greens dominate the fashion landscape now with their versatile use, allowing men of all ages to add some colourful verve to an otherwise grey wardrobe. If you’re looking for an easy way to add some vibrancy and texture into your wardrobe this season, look no further than earthy hues – browns, greens, beige and beyond. Your perfect pair awaits!