Edinburgh’s Best-Kept Secrets: Where to Shop for Fashion

“Are you tired of the same old high street brands and eager to discover unique fashion finds? Look no further than Edinburgh’s hidden gems! From vintage boutiques to independent designers, this Scottish city is brimming with stylish surprises waiting to be uncovered. Join us as we embark on a journey through Edinburgh’s best-kept secrets for all your fashion needs.”

Edinburgh’s Best Fashion Shopping Spots

There’s no real consensus when it comes to the best fashion shopping spots in Edinburgh, but whatever your style, you’re sure to find something great in one of these hotly-trending boutiques.

Brazen Bean has been a long-standing favourite for stylish women of all ages, with racks full of everything from cute denim jackets to sexy cocktail dresses. Prices are affordable without being cheap, and their knowledgeable staff are always happy to help find the perfect outfit for any occasion.

If you’re after something a little more special, then head down to Anna Liffey and explore the chic range of designers represented there. You’ll find high-end labels like Alexander McQueen and Gucci as well as some quirky independent boutiques that offer something different. Both shops have extensive homeware ranges too – making them perfect if you’re looking for something special to take home with you.

For youngsters trying on their first dress or just window shopping on a budget, head to Muffin Tin Mutts Boutique – perfect for those with a sweet tooth! With shelves stocked full of quirky cupcakes and teddy bears dressed up as fashionable ladies and gentlemen, this boutique is guaranteed to leave your little one in stitches (and maybe with a new wardrobe too!).

What to Shop for on a trip to Edinburgh

When planning your trip to Edinburgh, be sure to check out the city’s best-kept secrets for shopping! From independent boutiques to up-and-coming designers, there is truly something for everyone in Edinburgh, and shopping here is a must if you’re looking to experience the city’s unique culture and atmosphere.

If you want to create a more stylish trip, head to Princes Street, where you’ll find top labels like Theory and St John Knits alongside +SIZE and H&M. Alternatively, if you’re after timeless pieces that will last forever, head to fashionable Stockbridge. Here you can find high-quality designer labels such as Alexander McQueen and Prada mixed in with some well-known retailers like Mango and Topshop.

For accessories, Edinburgh is definitely worth checking out. You’ll find stylish shoes from places like Jimmy Choo and Tods at retailers like Zara or Primark, whilst for Jewelry go for Swarovski or Balenciaga. If home decorating is your thing, then look no further than Brixton Place – which has some amazing independents as well as big names – or Lauriston Place for all things furniture related. And finally, whether you’re after foodie finds or some delicious Scottish snacks (like haggis), head on over to Stephen brothers’ bakery at The Hayes market!

Must-Saves for Fashion Lovers in Edinburgh

If you are a fashion lover, then Edinburgh is the perfect place for you to explore its numerous boutiques and stores. Here are some of the must-saves that you should keep in mind while shopping in Edinburgh:

1. Ginjay – This store has a wonderful selection of contemporary and vintage fashion, as well as accessories. You will love the stylish clothes and accessories at this store.

2. Jeffrey Campbell – This store offers an array of fashionable clothing and footwear for men, women, and children. You will find everything from formal dresses to cute shoes here.

3. ModCloth – This store features high-quality clothing designed by independent designers from around the world. You will find current trends and favorite brands all at one place at ModCloth.

4. Boohoo – This store has an incredible collection of trendy women’s clothing, including skirts, tops, slacks, and more. You will love finding great deals on fashionable clothing here.

5. Zara – Zara is known for their trendy and affordable clothes for women and men of all ages. You can find anything from formal wear to trendy everyday items here.


Edinburgh has a ton of great shops for fashion, and some hidden gems that you might not have known about. From high street names to off-the-wall boutiques, we’ve rounded up the top places in Edinburgh where you can find some of the best clothing around. So what are you waiting for? Head to one of these fab stores today and start dressing your best!