The Rise of Doha’s Fashion Scene: Highlighting Homegrown Labels

Move over Milan, because there’s a new fashion capital in town! Doha may not be the first place that springs to mind when we think of haute couture, but it is quickly becoming a hotbed for some seriously stylish homegrown labels. In this post, we’ll take you on a tour of Doha’s thriving fashion scene and introduce you to some of the brightest talents from the region who are making waves both locally and internationally. Get ready to be inspired by Qatar’s unique blend of tradition and modernity – where heritage meets high fashion!

What is Doha’s Fashion Scene?

The fashion scene in Doha is booming, with several homegrown labels setting the bar high. At its core, Qatar’s fashion industry is all about creativity and innovation. Every design house strives to be ahead of the curve, creating looks that are both stylish and unique.

One of the most successful homegrown labels is Sooraa, which was founded by two sisters in 2013. Their collection features a sleek and sophisticated aesthetic that has quickly won them a following among locals and tourists alike. Other well-known labels include Sewaal (founded in 2015), Bijou (2010), Noodle & Stingray (both founded in 2016), and Koala Watercolour (2006).

The breadth of creative talent on display at these stores is astounding, ranging from streetwear to high-end couture. There’s something for everyone – whether you’re looking for classic staples or cutting-edge trends. And with so many local designers vying for attention, there’s sure to be something special on offer every time you visit a store.

Why is Doha’s Fashion Scene Rising?

Dubai’s fashion scene has been dominating the region for quite some time now, but things are changing in Qatar. Homegrown labels, such as Luma Designs and Lotfy Kurta, are gaining more exposure and attention from international fashion labels.

Qatar is quickly becoming a go-to destination not just for luxury brands, but also emerging designers. As the country develops its own unique style, homegrown labels are taking advantage of this opportunity and developing their collections to reflect Qatari culture and lifestyle.

This shift in focus has led to an increase in demand for local brands, which in turn has encouraged these designers to experiment more with new design concepts and textures. Combined with Qatar’s natural beauty – which often features prominently in runway shows – this is proving to be a winning formula for local fashion businesses.

Who are the Key Players in Doha’s Fashion Scene?

Since the early 2010s, Doha has emerged as a key player in the global fashion scene due to its vibrant and growing fashion industry. In this article, we will highlight some of the key players in Doha’s fashion scene and explore their unique contributions to the local fashion landscape.

Starting off, we have local label Al Attar. Al Attar was founded in 2003 by Sheikha Mozah bint Nasser Sultan al-Thani, who is also Qatar’s first female billionaire. The label has since become one of Qatar’s most influential and popular luxury brands, dressing some of Qatar’s top socialites and celebrities. In addition to clothing, Al Attar also manufactures home furnishings, rubber goods, and pet products.

Second on our list is Nouf Sarhanun. Nouf Sarhanun was founded in 2002 by Nadine Abdulaziz al-Mahroug, who is Qatar’s first female entrepreneur to be granted a United States Export-Import Bank loan for her business venture. The brand quickly became known for its innovative interior designs for high-end residences and commercial spaces. Recent projects include designing the primary stadium for Qatar’s successful 2022 World Cup bid and creating interiors for Bordeaux’s famed Chateau Musigny wine estate.

Third on our list is Laba Jewellery Group (LJG). LJG was founded by Danish jewellery designer Lena Andersson in 2008 with the goal of raising awareness of Qatar’s unique textile and jewellery traditions. The label quickly became known for its innovative, fashion-forward jewellery designs inspired by Qatar’s rich cultural heritage. In addition to designing and manufacturing jewellery, LJG also operates a chain of luxury jewellery stores in Qatar and throughout the Gulf region.

Finally, we have local fashion label Damir Doma. Damir Doma was founded in 2006 by Czech designer Damir Doma with the goal of creating bold, statement-making fashion apparel that reflects Qatar’s modern and progressive style. The brand has since become one of Qatar’s leading fashion brands, gaining global recognition for its eclectic mix of contemporary Arabic and Western styles. Recent projects include designing the costumes for Qatar’s popular drama series Al Marawan (The Absent One) and designing the official dress for Qatar’s high-profile diplomatic events.

Highlights of Local Fashion Brands from Doha

Doha has emerged as one of the most Fashion forward cities in the region, with a variety of local and international labels setting up shop. Here are some of the highl ighs:

1. Souq by HBC – As one of the first fashion retailers to open in Qatar, Souq by HBC is known for its high quality and stylish selection of international brands. Brands such as Calvin Klein, Nike, and Adidas can be found at the store.

2. Mango – A longstanding local brand, Mango has seen success in recent years with its innovative style and collection of contemporary clothing and accessories. Offering a range of high-end items as well as affordable options, the brand is a favorite among locals and tourists alike.

3. Zara – With over 1,500 stores across 86 countries, Zara is one of the world’s leading fashion retailers. The Doha store features a variety of iconic and trending brands such as Givenchy, Balenciaga, and Saint Laurent.

4. Uniqlo – Founded in 1984, Uniqlo is one of Japan’s leading clothing retailers with more than 2,000 stores worldwide. At its Doha store, customers can find a variety of trendy and affordable items from the label’s considerable range.


Qatar’s burgeoning fashion scene is slowly but surely gaining recognition from the global community, and this is in no small part due to the efforts of homegrown labels. From up-and-coming designers to iconic names, Qatar has something for everyone when it comes to fashion. If you’re curious about what all the fuss is about and want to learn more about Doha’s emerging fashion scene, keep reading!